Grotto Restaurant

The restaurant was named “Grotto Restaurant” because one of the old caves is part of the Restaurant , that contains a scene of shepherds (reminding you that the Franciscan Shepherds field is right next door). The space of the Restaurant overwhelms you. It holds 30 large tables, all tables and chairs are Bedouin style. Outside is an open terrace with 20 tables which is a great spot for tourists to take pictures and the view is quite nice and ideal for an arguila in the summertime. The Best treat in the Grotto, are the mezzes, the salads keep pouring in, and all of them are remarkably tasty. The fried avocado is simply delicious. The main dishes include grilled meats, lamb, shish tawooq, fish and shrimp. There are also sandwich choices (chicken or hamburger) and chicken wings. For a more traditional meal, if you order in advance, you can have chicken or lamb filled with rice and meat, fkhara or musakhan. With a nice Arabian-style décor, and arguila at your side and a truly fantastic choice of mezzes, you are guaranteed to leave full and satisfied.

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