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Travel Voucher to Holy Land

Our Travel Raffle gives you the chance to win one of two 3000$ travel vouchers for the Holy Land.  it is fully covered for the plane ticket, the hotel stay, and any experience in the Holy Land

Bethlehem Olive wood cave

5 Bethlehem olive wood caves are ready for 5 lucky members, the cave and figures are totally handmade from Bethlehem olive wood trees. Worth 200$

Olive wood Rosary

Olive Wood Rosary With HandMade Olive Wood Cross Holy Land Jerusalem Retail. 10 olive wood rosary with handmade olive wood cross made in Jerusalem, for 10 lucky members. Worth 16$

Olive Wood kitchen Set

15 Set of 5 Olive Wood Utensils:Flat Spatula, Curved Spatula, Slotted Spatula, Spoon and Corner Spoon. Each Utensil is 12 Inches and Hand Crafted from Single Piece of Genuine Olive Wood. Worth 50$

Olive wood Camel

Bethlehem Handicrafts Olive Wood Camel with Saddle made from Premium Bethlehem Olive Wood by local Christian Craftsmen . for 20 lucky members. worth 20$.

Oil, Water, incense and sand

20 lucky members will win a bottle of pure water from the Jordan River, a bottle of Soil from Jerusalem, a bottle of Virgin Olive Oil from Bethlehem and a bottle of incense along with a hand-crafted wood cross.

What is Holy Land 360

Its a 360 virtual tours website, gives you the chance to explore the holy land from your home. With simple clicks or screen touches you can scroll up, down, left, and right. You can also zoom in and out to savor every detail of your favorite sites. you will feel like if you are actually there! 

Why to become a member ?

Over 4 Million Tourists a year visit the Holy Land


We can’t give you another person’s eyes. But we can do something even better  take you on a virtual tour through the most beautiful places of Holy Land. Without making a single step delve into the story of Holy Land you’ve never seen before. Savor your wanderlust and break a stereotype. Enjoy the visual alchemy with music that tugs at your heartstrings. Let the sound help you choose your first stop – what makes the heart sing?

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Terms and conditions
  • Become a member of Holy Land 360 for a chance to win 6 different prizes. 
  • The winners are announced once the timer is finished and winners will be picked randomly among the Holy Land 360 members. 
  •  Notification and claiming the Prize. Following the Prize draw, the winner will be notified using the contact details provided by the Entrant. The winning Entrant has 48 hours from the time and date of the notification being sent to respond, provide proof of eligibility and claim the Prize. If the Prize is not claimed by the winning Entrant within this time frame, the Prize will be redrawn and any previous winners will forgo all claims to the Prize.
  •  The Travel Voucher is not exchangeable for cash or other forms of credit and no refunds will be issued for the value of the voucher if travel plans are cancelled or altered. All costs above the value of the voucher including any change or cancellation fees are the responsibility of the customer
  • The Travel Voucher is valid until 30/12/21. The Travel Voucher must be redeemed by the Expiry Date.
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