Otman Court

Dating to the mid-19th century, was originally a living space for the Qassis and Habash families. In 1882, the place was known to be a small clinic. It was later used as a Khan (a point of rest for crossing caravans) until 1903. Between 1903 and 1914 the upper floors of the building served as a court led by the regional director, Ahmad Murad Hakem, appointed by the Ottoman government, the lower floors served as stables. In 1927 an earthquake hit the country and the building was badly damaged, but some restoration was done. Later, in 1948 the building served as an olive press and by 1967 was used for banana fermentation. The Ottoman Court was rehabilitated in 2002 by various partners, amongst them Riwaq and the Municipality of Ramallah, who bought the site. Today the building is used primarily as an education center for children.

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