Ramallah City

The Bride of Palestine

Located 16 kilometers north of Jerusalem, at an elevation of 900 meters above sea level, high in the hills, Ramallah is known as the Bride of Palestine because of its general geographical beauty. Its pleasant, cool climate has made it a popular summer resort. During the twelfth century, French Crusaders built a stronghold in Ramallah, and the remains of a Crusader tower, known as At-Tira, can still be seen in the old part of town.

Modern Ramallah has a lively town center, museums, art galleries, theatres, parks, a booming restaurant scene, and a bustling nightlife that have made it a fast-growing cosmopolitan town. It also offers a variety of services for visitors, including comfortable places to stay, some of Palestine’s best restaurants, good transport, and hospitable, friendly people.

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