Tireh – Ramallah

Recent archeological excavations have revealed architectural remains from the 4th century B.C through the 8th Century A.D. These include a system of fortifications, a Byzantine monastery, two Byzantine era churches that continued to be used until the Umayyad period, a rock cut reservoir, a cistern, water channels, a rock cut olive press, several burial caves, a street, and several dry stone terrace walls.
The wall facing you, built with carefully carved big stones, is the base of the church that used to stand at the center of the village. Looking at the stair case one can admire the effort that was put in raising the soil level to make the church the highest point in the town.
The extended ground in front hides underneath a beautiful well reserved mosaic ground that formed the ground of the Byzantine church. At the opposite side one can see an entry underground leading to the olive press and water wells.

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